Don't Even Think Of Applying For a Merchant
Account Until You Read This!

Dear Internet Friend,

Of course you need to accept credit cards.

There's no doubt about it. If you're doing business online it will account for over 90% of your SALES!

But here's the problem; It's nearly impossible to get a merchant account setup if you are any combination of the following: new/startup business, Internet sales , home-based, mail-order, selling information products, "iffy" credit, high ticket sales, etc...

Frankly, you can spend weeks and weeks researching to find a company to help you. And IF you do find a decent one, many times you have a large application fee or other hidden fees. (Plus if you are declined you will not even get the application fee back.)

And then after mailing in financials, photos of your location, complicated documentation and filling out the application...it can take weeks to get an answer and when and IF you get approved. What's worse, you could be with a high rate, upfront required deposit, large reserve, because of the type of business issues listed above etc etc...

But now I've got good news for you…

I've found a resource that eliminates all these headaches for you! A company that finally makes it easy to accept credit cards and actually understands business owners.

I've literally heard horror stories from my colleagues about merchant accounts. We're talking being stripped of merchant account status, accounts being frozen, thousands of dollars being held "hostage" and worse.

The ‘secret’ solution a lot of have turned to is Glen Kaplan. He’s the same guy many of us turn to when we need a merchant account fast…and one that can handle high-volumes! Personally, I’ve been recommending him over and over again to my friends and best clients.

Plus you are 99.9999% assured of receiving a credit card merchant account. It is VERY inexpensive and very quick. No complicated paperwork is involved. Just click on the link below and fill out the online application. Trust me, it couldn't be easier and what’s even better I’ve had Glen waive any of the set-up fees! That’s right!

(However, I cannot promise for how long they'll keep this incredible discount opportunity open.)

And there are no hidden fees. This is everything you need to be able to accept credit cards online, get real-time processing and have the money automatically be deposited in your bank account. Remember, we do over 98% of our business by credit cards...without it we probably wouldn't even be around.

Click on the link right here for the simple online application form

All the best,

P.S. I've also managed to get the regular $125.00 application fee WAIVED! Click here to get started right away.

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